How can you Recover Deleted File from an Android Phone?

Android phone is generally refers to the Smart phones which makes use of Google Android as operating system. Android phones are widely used because of its rich features, which enables users to perform various tasks easily. Android phones will store photos, videos, music, etc on a memory card inserted in it. However, the lot of Android users have a doubt that is can a deleted file be recovered from an android phone? Don’t worry; the deleted file recovery from Android phone is as simple as you recover deleted files from your computer. To recover deleted file from Android Phone, you just need the help of uneraser software. Using this tool, you can unerase video files, pictures, music, etc. from the Android phone card.

Why do people lose files from Android Phone?

There are mainly two reasons for file deletion on Android Phone i.e. User mistakes and software errors. User mistakes include accidental deletion of files while operating Android phone. You may press delete option when opening a file, transferring files, playing videos, capturing photos, etc. Apart from user mistakes, there are some unknown software errors responsible for the deletion of files from Android phone. When you download and install the new applications on Android phone, there are chances to appear spyware or virus on your phone. Then some of the files may get deleted from your Android phone.

In the above situations, can you recover deleted file from Android Phone? Yes, it’s all possible by using uneraser software. The uneraser program will assist you to recover deleted file from Android Phone memory card. You can recover deleted photos, videos, music, etc. from Android phone card. If you are really thinking like can a deleted file be recovered from an Android Phone, then don’t let your phone to save anymore files before recovering data from it.

Can you recover deleted file from Android Phone when the phone memory card is not allowing to access due to file system corruption. Yes, it is possible to recover deleted file from Android Phone since the files are still intact on phone memory card. When the file system is corrupted, you just lost the file location information from the file system and the content is still safe on the card. The software can scan memory card and restores all files from it within few minutes. To know more on how to get back erased pictures, you can click here -

Can a deleted file be recovered from an Android Phone when the memory card is formatted? Yes, you can easily restore files from formatted phone memory card using uneraser software. Can you recover deleted file from Android phone without the help of computer experts? Yes, since the software has self-descriptive recovery steps. The uneraser software is very simple to use for computer novices as well as professionals. If you are not familiar with the Windows 8, then know the way to recover deleted files on Windows 8 through this page -

Steps to recover deleted files from Android Phone

Step1: First download and install uneraser software on a healthy computer and then connect your Android phone to this system. Now launch the software and select “Recover Deleted Files” option as shown in Fig 1.

Can a Deleted File Be Recovered from an Android Phone? - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now select your phone card and click on next arrow button as shown in Fig 2.

Can a Deleted File Be Recovered from an Android Phone? - Select Phone Card

Fig 2: Select Phone Card

Step3: Now the software will scan selected phone card for deleted files. Once it is done, you can use “File Type View” option to view recovered files along with signatures as shown in Fig 3.

Can a Deleted File Be Recovered from an Android Phone? - Preview Screen

Fig 3: Preview Screen