Clear Safari Junk Files

Whenever you visit a website, the Safari browser automatically saves the contents of that page into its memory cache. This helps to load the page quickly when the next times you visit it. But over a period of time, this cache keeps increasing and can result in performance degradation. To get back to the original Safari browsing speed, you need to clear this cache data. But deleting only cache will not solely affect the browsing speed; there are many other things like cookies, auto complete, recently visited URLs, history and downloaded programs, which you need to take care of.

Safari browser provides inbuilt option to do all the cleaning process. Take a look at some of them

Clearing cookies -

  1. Click the Safari menu
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click Privacy
  4. Click Remove All Website Data or highlight the cookies that contain specific cookies
  5. Click Remove Now


Clearing cache -

  1. Click the Safari menu
  2. Click Empty Cache
  3. Click Empty


Clearing History -

  1. Click History menu
  2. Click Clear History


As you can see, for removing each type of data, you need to go to different options. This can be very hectic and can create problem to home users. What if you get an all-in-tool to clear Safari junk files all together? Yes, you heard it right. Remo MORE software is the perfect solution to remove junk files like cookies, cache, history, auto-complete, etc. from your Safari browser without any difficulty.

There can be many reasons because of which a user decides to clear Safari junk files. It can be due to security issues, performance degradation or lack of storage space. Whatever may be the reason, Remo MORE tool will definitely help you in performing the desired task. Using this tool, all these files can be easily removed in just one go. The software has self-descriptive steps that enable even a novice to perform the cleaning process without any difficulty and guidance.

The Remo MORE application is compatible with both Windows and Mac versions of Remo MORE software, making it useful for all their versions. The version of Remo MORE provides a one touch clean process of all Safari browser junk. Just download the free Remo MORE software and booth the browsing speed and performance of your Safari browser.

How to clear Safari Junk files?

(i) – From the main screen select "Optimize" option.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Main Screen

(ii) – Now select "Privacy Cleaner" option.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Privacy Cleaner

(iii) – Then select "Clean Browser Junk"

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Clean Bowser Junk

(iv) – Select the Safari browser and the items to be deleted.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Browser

(v) – Now the tool will clean the selected items.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Cleaning

(vi) – A summary report will be generated after the cleaning process is completed.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Summary


  1. If you do a lot of surfing on the internet then it is recommended that you clear Safari junk files at least once a month.
  2. To improve browsing speed, performance and security on your Safari browser, hit the ‘Reset Safari’ button under the ‘Safari’ heading. This will empty your cache, delete your browsing history, clean all downloads and remove cookies as well. You will definitely feel the difference in the browsing speed and performance.