Delete Android Bookmarks

All modern web browsers have bookmark features. Bookmarks are also called favorites or internet shortcuts. Bookmarks are normally accessed through a menu in the web browser, and folders are commonly used for organization. Each browser has an in-built tool for managing the list of bookmarks. The list storage method varies depending on the browser, and the operating system on which it runs. You can bookmark sites that you visit very often when you do not want to remember the URL for forums, blogs, shopping sites, bank sites, and account login sites. You can import bookmarks and personal data from another browser.

Most of our browser data is not very important when cookies expire. However, bookmarks are different, which is why different browsers allow you to import and export your bookmarks that are ideal for creating backups and migrating between browsers. All browsers can export your bookmarks to an HTML file. All browsers can also import these HTML files, so you can move between Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc. Modern browsers have expanded the "bookmark" feature to include variations on the concept of saving the links.

Bookmarks help you revisit the website without having to type the URL. After the bookmark is set, it appears on the list of bookmarks. You can scroll the list downward to see the bookmarks. Bookmarked websites can also be placed on the Home screen: You can Long-press the bookmark thumbnail, and choose the command Add Shortcut to Home. You can switch between Thumbnail and List views for your bookmarks: When viewing the Bookmarks screen, press the Menu soft button and choose the List View command if you want to switch to List view. To return to Thumbnail view, press the Menu soft button and choose Thumbnail View. After a page is bookmarked, you have the option of adding "tags" to the bookmark. A tag is a label that helps you identify a bookmark that you have made. Once your page is bookmarked, clicking the star for a second time will open the “Edit This Bookmark” window. The Tags field lets you enter a list of tags you want it to be associated with the new bookmark.

Lot of unwanted data can accumulate on android phones which could go up to several megabytes. This data includes browser history, cache and unused bookmarks that you may have forgotten.Most of the users don’t care about it or simply don’t know how to remove it, and the unwanted data stays in the phone forever. 

Features of Remo MORE tool:

The Remo MORE application can clean browser history, cache, cookies, index.dat, autocomplete form data,bookmarks and downloaded program files. This tool can be helpful when you want to delete bookmarks from different browsers like Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome and more. It is an all-in-one app for cleaning Android browser history, cache data and bookmarks saved by the user.The application works as a secure wiping tool, which makes sure that the deleted Android data cannot be recovered. For this, the app makes use of the default Zero Pass wiping technique.


How to clear Junk files?

(i) – From the main screen select "Optimize" option.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Main Screen

(ii) – Now select "Privacy Cleaner" option.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Privacy Cleaner

(iii) – Then select "Clean Browser Junk"

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Clean Bowser Junk

(iv) – Select the required browser and the items to be deleted.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Select Browser

(v) – Now the tool will clean the selected items.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Cleaning

(vi) – A summary report will be generated after the cleaning process is completed.

Clear Safari Junk Files - Summary