Hard Drive Data Recovery

Whether you’re an IT professional, a photographer, or a normal home user, you might have accidentally deleted an important file from a hard drive or memory card some time or the other by formatting the drive accidentally or performing some other actions. Maybe you didn’t want to delete it or maybe you deleted the file intentionally but changed your mind later. Maybe the storage device is beginning to corrupt and become inaccessible. The result of all these situations is panic. But with Hard Drive Data Recovery you don’t have to worry. You can infact recover the different kinds of files like you can undelete Word files using the software.

 First you should know how file systems work and why you can restore deleted files from hard drive/disk. If the hard disk is accidentally formatted, the Operating System resets the FAT or MFT on the disk. You can no longer see the format- erased files under Windows because the MFT tells the Operating System that the drive does not contain any files, but the files are still there. To see the deleted data, you only need to recover the table of content. That is why you can easily locate all the erased files & recover them easily. You can also get back erased pictures from any storage device and the step by step procedure for picture recovery can be obtained here.

Some common data loss scenarios are –

  • Deleted files from Recycle Bin or emptied it.
  • Used Shift+Delete to delete a file instead of “Delete”  by mistake.
  • Files deleted by any other user on a shared network.
  • Data deleted by a third-party file management software.
  • May be a virus infects your hard drive partitions and erase all your files & folders.

What does the software can do for you –

  • Recover files that has been accidently deleted from the hard drive
  • Retrieve deleted Excel files, word documents, ppt files, media files and other file types
  • Retain the original details like name, size, creation date, etc of the recovered files.
  • Provide a preview option to see the file before retrieving it.

Follow these steps to unerase hard drive files–

1. Download & install File Uneraser  for Windows. (Download the Mac version of the software to undelete Mac data

2. Upon running you will find the welcome screen containing three options – “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” & “Recover Partitions/Drives”. Select “Recover Files” option to unerase hard drive data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery-Main Screen

3. Choose any of the two options – “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option according to your requirement.

Hard Drive Data Recovery-Recover Deleted Files

4. Click on the drive from which the data has to be recovered.

Hard Drive Data Recovery-Select Logical Drive

5. After scanning the software will display the list of recoverable files & folders. Preview & save the recovered files.

Hard Drive Data Recovery-Save Recovered Files

Recovery Tip –

If you will be little careful, you can make recovery of deleted files easy. When files become fragmented, they are stored in different memory locations on the hard drive, which makes the system take more time to read it. A drive with a lot of fragmentation will be harder to recover in case of a crash. Therefore, it is recommended to defragment your hard disk drive regularly.

For USB Data Recovery see how to undelete data from pen drive?

Note: This software helps to recover deleted files from hard drive (SCSI, SATA, ATA, IDE) on all verisons of Windows Operating System like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc. To know more in detail on Windows 8 recovery, visit this site uneraser.org/how-to-recover-deleted-files-windows-8.html.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users