Mac OS X File Recovery Software

While working on the computer, one should be concentrated, as sometimes an accidental mistake can cost you lots of time and loss. One of such mistakes is unintentional deletion of important files. There are many other reasons for file loss, such as power cuts, system crashes, software malfunction, etc. But human mistakes occur quite more often in case of Mac OS. Recovering deleted of lost files can be achieved with special Mac file recovery applications. The most efficient one is Mac OS X File Recovery - an all-in-one tool for Mac OS that can restore deleted or lost data from Mac trash, corrupted volumes and even formatted/reformatted hard drives.

Trash Bin in Mac OS X –

When you accidently or unknowingly delete a file or files, the first thing you should do is to check the Mac Trash. It is a hidden folder in Mac OS. You can easily restore deleted files from there. But if the file is deleted from the Trash as well then you need a Mac file recovery tool to unerase Mac files.

The file that is deleted from the Trash is said to be deleted permanently, but the reality is that the operating system just deletes the pointers pointing towards the deleted file. Other details and the data inside the file remains as it is. The space is then marked as free and available for other files. The deleted files can be restored until the freed space is not occupied by some other file. So it is highly recommended that you should immediately stop using the hard drive from which the data has been deleted. Mac OS X File Recovery offers a deep scanning algorithm that can scan the hard drive completely and recover the files with their original quality. This tool is also available for WIndows version. You can find more information on how to recover deleted files on Vista by visiting the page -

Data that is being deleted from external drives, that are connected to your Mac OS, does not go the Trash Bin, it just bypasses the Mac Trash and you lose the deleted file unintentionally. This software offers you to locate deleted data on external drives also, and therefore can retrieve deleted files on USB drives, flash drives, memory stick, and other external hard drives.

Many of you may be using an external SSD as a backup to store large amount of data. Have you ever thought about permanent deletion of vital files from that SSD? If such a situation arises, your next move would be finding an effective SSD recovery tool. Before doing so, you can visit the following URL to know more valuable information about this topic,

Features of Mac OS X File Recovery –

  • Recover hard drive data with great ease & in very less time
  • Mac Finder Style view option enables Mac users to find the recovered files efficiently
  • Support HFS+, HFSX & FAT file systems
  • Provides a preview option to see the file before restoring it
  • Able to retrieve deleted excel files, word files, images, videos, audio, and many more
  • Support Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8

Follow these steps to undelete files on Mac OS –

1. Download & install File Uneraser and run it to unerase Mac files.

2. On the main screen select “Recover Files” option.

Mac OS X File Recovery-Main Screen

3. Click “Recover Deleted Files” option to unerase Mac files.

Mac OS X File Recovery-Recover Deleted Files

4. Select the affected volume from which the files got deleted or lost.

Mac OS X File Recovery-Select Volume

5. Preview & save the recovered files.

Mac OS X File Recovery-Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users