Best way to recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7

AVI abbreviated as Audio Video Interleaved, is one of the media files developed by Microsoft. It contains both audio and video files. It is one of the widely used formats to store movies, videos etc. AVI files are stored in an extension of “.avi”. However, there is a possibility of deletion of AVI files due to various reasons like virus attack, accidental deletion, formatting, improper shutdown etc.

Windows 7 is one of the extensively used Operating System with advanced features. It can store media files like MOV, AVI etc. Obviously, then there can be chances of unintentional deletion of AVI files. Do you want to know, whether there is a possibility to recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7? Yes it is possible; you can recover AVI files by using recovery software. And one of the best software is deleted avi files Windows 7 recovery. The name of the tool itself specifies that the user can get back the retrieive deleted AVI files without any damage i.e. without erasing other files. What if you are using Windows 8 Operating System? Don't worry!! Because this tool supports to recover files on Windows 8 too. To know how, check this link

Scenarios for the deletion of AVI files

Accidental deletion: While choosing unwanted AVI files for deletion purpose, you may select a needed AVI file, and press “Shift+Delete” key. This causes AVI files to bypass from the recycle bin, which cannot be restored without using recovery software.To know more, about how to recover file after "Shift+Delete" deletion, click on this link

Formatting the drive: Sometimes you may choose an incorrect drive to format, and if that drive contains some important AVI files, then it leads to a loss of that file.

Virus attack: If any one of your AVI files is virus infected, then it will easily spread to other AVI files, which makes the file system to get corrupt and the files become inaccessible. This targets to the deletion of files.

Power Shut Down: Suppose if you are transferring files from external storage device to your system, and if suddenly power goes off, and then it results in a loss of file due to incomplete transfer. Improper shutdown of the system i.e. without closing the file also leads to the loss of files.

Deletion of file by using third party software: Be careful while installing third party software, because there is a chance of losing files.

Features of Deleted AVI Files Windows 7 recovery software

  • * Best tool and user friendly interface with advanced features.
  • *You can use this tool to recover deleted files from SSD drive, external hard drive, flash memory cards and USB flash drives with ease.
  • * Know how to recover files deleted from Recycle Bin Windows 10 with ease.
  • * Supports both Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • * Retrieve deleted AVI files Window7 fast and easily with just few clicks.
  • * Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7 tool also supports to recover other file types such as XVID, DVIX etc.
  • * It not only recover PowerPoint file and documents such as Word, Excel etc
  • * It also retrieve deleted AVI files Windows 7 from both internal and external storage devices.
  • * It provides “Preview” option to view the file for user before buying the original software key.
  • * Best tool for the people who are thinking how to recover deleted files from camera.
  • * It offers “Save Recovery Session” option so that it resumes the saving process at any time.

Note: Don’t install software on the drive from where you have lost the file. If you do it, it overwrites the file which leads to the permanent deletion that cannot be recovered back.

Why to choose Deleted AVI Files Windows 7 Recoverysoftware?

  • The software is free from virus.
  • 24X7 supports for the customers, so that if they have any queries they can call at any time.
  • Guarantees to recover any type of file.

Steps to retrieve deleted AVI Files Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install a trial version of Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7 Software. After the completion of installation, a new window appears. Select “Recover Photos” option.

Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Then a new window appears providing two options “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select “Recover Deleted Photos”.

Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7- Choose Recover Deleted Files

Fig 2: Select Recover Deleted Photos Option

Step 3: Choose a drive from where you have lost the files, and then the scanning process starts.

Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7- Choose Logical Drive

Fig 3: Select Logical Drive

Step 4: It displays all recovered files, save the file to any drive except to the drive where you had lost the file.

Recover deleted AVI files on Windows 7 - Save Recovered Files

Fig 4: Save Recovered Files