Tool to Recover Deleted ExFAT Partition Data

ExFAT is a platform independent file system, which is mainly used for flash drives. It provides advanced features over NTFS file system and enables you to use external devices on various OS including Mac and Windows OS without reformatting. Now with ExFAT file system you can take benefit of using external flash drive with read and write features on Mac and Windows without any hassle. ExFAT file system is supported by many external storage devices like external hard drive, pen drive, memory cards, etc. and enables them to be compatible with various devices exchange data.

Even though there is some limitation with ExFAT file system and like other partition there is also chance of data loss due to known and unknown reasons. Despite of taking all precaution to keep safe and secure you can’t deny from being a victim data loss form ExFAT partition. But now no need to worry, as team of experts has already developed recovery tool to undelete ExFAT partition. The name of the software is Uneraser which is build up with powerful algorithm and thus capable enough to scans entire flash drive having large capacity within few eye blinks and to recover larger size ExFAT partition’s data without any modification. This tool supports data recovery from flash drives including pen drives, hard drives, memory cards and more.

Common reasons behind ExFAT partition deletion

  • Abrupt Ejection: Ejecting removable media with ExFAT file system in improper way may lead to corruption of file system, as a result files and folder stored in ExFAT partition will become unreachable and lead to large data loss.

  • Accidental Format: While formatting partition or hard disk by mistake you may choose flash drive instead of another and format. As a result data stored in flash drive will be erased and stored data will be lost.

  • Virus Attack: Viruses are the unwanted programs, which always try to modify files and programs and alter them. Sometimes it may decrease the performance of flash drive, and to get rid of this problem you may format flash drive. Even sometime virus may damage the ExFAT file system as a result metadata about stored files and folder will be lost and end up with inaccessibility.

  • Unreliable Third Party Tool: Some unreliable third party tool may delete your data from ExFAT partition for example virus infected files and folder may get deleted instead of repairing by antivirus program.

  • Other Reasons: Besides of above mentioned reasons there are more reasons due to which ExFAT partition may get deleted such as interruption while transferring data, accidental deletion, physical damage, and some technical errors etc.

Key features of Uneraser software

Uneraser tool having inbuilt efficient scanning program which unerase ExFAT partition by scanning entire storage device within short span of time and recover almost all data without any modification while ExFAT recovery process. You can use this software to undelete SD cards of all popular brands like Samsung, SanDisk, Sony, Lexar, and so on. Its interactive GUI enables any novice user to undelete ExFAT partition as experts without any prior technical knowledge. Smart algorithm of this software does not let you worry about how to recover ExFAT partition and completed ExFAT partition recovery successfully without any hassle. Save Recovery session enables you to save your time by avoiding rescanning of same ExFAT partition. You can review recovered data from ExFAT partition before storing it in actual location of any storage device. This software can be used on all popular OS of Windows and Mac. It also allows you to recover files from formatted hard drive brands like Seagate, Toshiba, etc. in an efficient manner.

Easy steps for recovering data from deleted ExFAT partition:

Step 1: Install and lunch the demo version of Uneraser software.

Step 2: After launching software, welcome window will be displayed with three options – “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” & “Recover Drives”. Select “Recover Drives” option to undelete ExFAT partition.

Recovering Deleted ExFAT Partitions - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 3 : Now select "Partition Recovery" option to recover data from Deleted ExFAT partition

Undelete ExFAT Partition

Fig 2: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step 4: Then, choose your drive from which ExFAT partition needs to be recovered. Then select recovered ExFAT partition from which you want to recover data.

Recover Data From Deleted ExFAT Partition - Select Flash Drive

Fig 3: Select ExFAT Partition Flash Drive

Step 5: After undeleting ExFAT partition, the list of recovered files & folders will be displayed which you can preview and save on any desired location.

Deleted ExFAT Partition Recovery - Save Recovered DAT

Fig 4: Save Recovered Partition's Data

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users