How to Undelete SD Card?

Is your important data has been deleted from SD card and want to know how to undelete SD card in order to recover deleted data from SD card? Don’t panic! Just go through this article and find an easy way to undelete SD card in a short span of time.

SD card stands for Secure Digital Card; it is a small card which is used as a portable storage unit on which one can store a large amount of data such as videos files, songs, images, applications, documents, and more. Because of its small size, fast data transmission speed and large data storage capacity, SD card is widely used in many electronic devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, music players, and in other multimedia players. But one can come across the situation of data deletion due to various reasons such as accidental deletion, interruption during file transfer, unintentionally format, malware infection, etc.

If you have lost your important data stored on SD card because of any of the above mentioned scenario, then it will be the most annoying situation for which you need to recover deleted data from SD card. This can be done by using a powerful tool called as Uneraser Software. By using this powerful tool, you can also recover deleted files from flash drive, USB drive, Android phones, and from all brands of SD memory cards.

You need to undelete SD card due to following reasons

  • Accidental Deletion: While viewing SD card files on digital camera, mobile phones and computer system, you may accidentally delete some of the important data which need a recovery. So in order to recover deleted data from SD card, you need to use Uneraser software.

  • Interruption during File Transfer: Data can easily be transferred from SD card to other storage devices like computer by using card reader. But during file transfer, an interruption like abrupt removal of SD card may delete all the files which were yet to be transfer. In such situation, you can make use of Uneraser software to undelete SD card.

  • Virus Infection: If your SD card is infected by virus, then in order to access files from it you may use anti-virus tool which is used to scan your SD card to make it free from virus. During scanning process, all the files which were attacked by virus will get deleted for which you must use Uneraser software to retrieve deleted data from SD card.

Features of Uneraser software:

    Uneraser software is an effective tool used to undelete SD card, mini SD, micro SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card, etc. By using this advanced tool, you can also recover data from formatted or corrupted SD card. It provides a simple user interface that helps you to know how to undelete SD card in order to retrieve deleted data from SD card. With the help of this effective tool, you can easily recover deleted video files, songs, image files, and also other important data files. The recovered data can be saved based on file type, size, name and date of creation. It has strong scanning algorithm that scans your entire SD card to restore deleted data from SD card. With the “Preview” feature, you can view the recovered data before saving it back to your storage device.

Steps to undelete SD card

1. Download and install this software then Connect your SD card to the system. Run the application to undelete SD card. A window appears on the screen, Select “Recover Photos” option.

2. Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option among “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos” options to know how to undelete SD card.

3. Now Select SD card to recover deleted SD card data.

4. Scanning process starts. After the completion of scanning, it displays all recovered files on the screen. Preview the recovered data and save it for restoration. 

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